Paradoxes of human existence

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Coming from a Greek word Para-Doxa, meaning distinct opinion, paradoxes are constant challenges for the intellectual mind. On the other hand they are a doorway to a transcendental understanding of human nature.
Wikipedia tells us that paradox means a seemingly absurd or contradictory statement or proposition which when investigated may prove to be well founded or true.
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Levels of Consciousness

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Consciousness is at the center of every spiritual tradition but still it is very hard to be defined. On the one side, it is a governing principle emanating from beyond the whole of creation, on the other it permeates the whole of creation. This mysterious force gives us the insights about the transcendental nature of reality and helps us remove the veil of ignorance.

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Traveler in Eternity

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  It happens one day and then you wake up,
immediately you realize how precious silence is.
In a deep listening,
everything is talking to you.
Your oldest fears,
your wildest loves,
things of extreme opposition,
walls are crumbling down the veil is lifted.

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