Levels of Consciousness

by Vedran
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Consciousness is at the center of every spiritual tradition but still it is very hard to be defined. On the one side, it is a governing principle emanating from beyond the whole of creation, on the other it permeates the whole of creation. This mysterious force gives us the insights about the transcendental nature of reality and helps us remove the veil of ignorance.

To be a conscious human being means to be aware or to experience consciousness through your human mind. At some point in human development there is a realization that consciousness is also beyond the human mind and any understanding of intellect.
On an everyday basis we experience different states of consciousness.

Ordinary states of consciousness:

- Waking consciousness

- Dreaming consciousness

- Sleeping consciousness

Many things are said about these ordinary states and we are all very familiar with them. They can also be called ego consciousness, meaning I am the body, experiencing sleeping, dreaming and everyday life. There are many humans living fully in this state.

Non - ordinary, altered or higher states of consciousness:

- Meditative state of consciousness

- Witness state of consciousness

- Christ Consciousness

- Unity Consciousness

- God Consciousness

Higher states are intertwined and non hierarchical. Once experienced there is no coming back to full identification with ego consciousness. Awareness of ordinary states is always present within the personality but higher aspects of being experienced in non ordinary states starts emerging in everyday existence. Deep desire for merging all states of consciousness into Oneness becomes a driving force of an ordinary human being. This change in perspective can be recognized by many signs on the way of Spiritual awakening

Meditative State

The meditative state is experienced through the focused will of a person to do the exercise of non-doing, meaning conscious disengagement from thoughts, feelings and sensations. This state is somehow personal and it can be practiced by turning the intention to the inner world in order to raise self awareness and gain insights in the transcendental nature of existence.

Witness State of Consciousness

Also called the state of the observer is birthed from and through the meditative state. It is a transpersonal state, when one realizes that to any action there is a witness. Consciousness in silence experiences the gap, or the void. Consequential to this experience many levels of doership dissipates and disappear. Subsequently, in order to integrate this huge shift very often one must go through Psycho-spiritual crisis.

Christ , Unity and God Consciousness

Higher states of consciousness can be realized only intuitively and through direct experience of Truth. However, for intellectual understanding, we can best describe them through the Christian metaphor of The Holy Trinity where an individual human being, Jesus (ego-consciousness), got elevated to another level of awareness (through Meditative and Witness consciousness) to the place of Self- Realization in The Holy Trinity; The Father/Mother (God consciousness), The Son (Christ consciousness) and The Holy Spirit (Unity consciousness).

Being established in Unity through playing with the principles of duality and witnessing its own actions an individual human being becomes the channel for the manifestation of Christ consciousness.

If we look closer to the word Christ, coming from Greek “Christo”, meaning “anointed one”, One to whom havens open, we can realize that Christ is the title or state of being. Therefore, a person who by the grace of The Creator through direct, intuitive experience of Unity consciousness establishes itself in the everlasting present moment becomes the Christ on earth.

Through the process of realizing Christ from within, the ego-self dissipates completely and loses the sense of separation, sense of me or mine, transcends one's individuality, reaching the state of pure Spirit.

We can experience Unity consciousness as the foundation principle of the creating force that emerges into manifestation.
Every being in the whole Universe contains within the spark of Divine Force, Infinite Intelligence - God Consciousness.   
Therefore, intuitively knowing of one's own transcendental, spiritual essence leads to Self-Realization in the material world.