Paradoxes of human existence

by Vedran
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“When I know I am nothing, that is wisdom,
When I know I am everything, that is love,
And between the two my life flows”

Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj


Coming from a Greek word Para-Doxa, meaning distinct opinion, paradoxes are constant challenges for the intellectual mind. On the other hand they are a doorway to a transcendental understanding of human nature.
Wikipedia tells us that paradox means a seemingly absurd or contradictory statement or proposition which when investigated may prove to be well founded or true.
In modern spirituality there are many paradoxes permeating different teachings and they may seem like insurmountable obstacles for a seeker on the path of Self-Realization.
Do you feel stuck?
Change is basic principle that permeates all creation. You are a constant witness of how nature changes with every season, how your relationships change, your body changes, your emotions change, even your sense of self changes with every new experience.
On the other hand, you can hear/feel or even realize deep from within that you are an eternal being made of energy and that energy cannot be lost, it can only be transmuted from one form to another.
Still, despite all that evidence, we will do everything to prevent change from happening. Awareness of non lasting aspects of our personality leads us to explore the possibilities of existence beyond everything that we can conceive with our minds.
Ultimately, you might discover the paradox of being mortal but at the same time eternal being. So you let go and let God.
Here you might become aware that many spiritual teachings have a basis in the principle of intention. It is obvious to ask yourself how you can let go, leaving space for higher power to guide your life, and at the same time hold a strong intention with the purpose of achieving anything. Another paradox.
Do you really need strong boundaries?
To reach higher states of consciousness you need to transcend your boundaries and to go beyond intellectual understanding of your personality but at the same time in order to be a fully functional human being you should keep strong boundaries and not confuse your personality with anything or anyone else.
How can you become boundless, which is your core desire when at the same time you are trying so hard to hold on your boundaries in order to keep your identity and uniqueness?
Therefore, oftentimes we feel so separated and alone but at least we have strong boundaries, and yet at some level of consciousness we gain direct, intuitive experience that we live the illusion of separation and that deep inside we are all connected but still fragmented pieces of the same puzzle called Life.
Being aware that you are an individual self but at the same time a boundless and eternal being is an obvious paradox.
Coming thus far you are aware of your ego (lower nature) and your divinity (higher nature) and realizing your deepest desire to ascend you become aware that the only way is through your lower nature. Still many times you heard that your ego needs to die in order for your divinity to emerge. However, without ego there would be nothing to relate to in order to perceive the eternal one.
Tired of judgement?
How often did you hear that you don't need to judge yourself? Still you are aware that that it’s not possible, since awareness of personal imperfection is our basic conditioning  and is very strong in every human being. We live in a society that is based on judgement and trying not to judge yourself for all mistakes coming from your imperfections while you are witnessing and living in the world based on judgement is an obvious paradox.
Furthermore awareness of good and evil in the material world is the foundational principle of human existence. However, as soon as you engage in the play of likes or dislikes, right or wrong, you need to be aware of your judging nature. You might find it very challenging when many spiritual teachings point in the direction of a non dualistic and non judgmental approach to everyday life.
Are you human doing or human being?
Realization of the Self as the state of being is the highest achievement in human existence. Many teachings will point that in order to come to that state one needs to meditate, fast, practice self awareness and non judgment, overcome bad habits, limiting beliefs, desires, etc. You might notice that all of the above are doings.
This paradox is not hard to grasp, to become you cannot only be, to become, you need to do something. If only being is enough, since you are a human being not a human doing, why does there need to be any action prior to that state?
Witness of every action comes from the state beyond the action and to realize action you need to be aware of part of  your being established in non doing.  Therefore, a self realized human being is not affected by any action, reaction or interaction manifesting on the screen of his consciousness. It is as it was always, simply the state of pure presence.
Love is enough?
Love is probably the biggest paradox, and at the same time the only truth of human existence. Many teachings speak about the highest expression of divine love and the power that it has to transcend any obstacle. Paradoxically enough, we are constantly seeking for human love expecting that this love will fulfill our needs and help us  overcome difficulties. In this search we are constantly hurt, disappointed or betrayed but still we keep going with the hope that human love will heal our suffering.
Once we realize human love as the one that have many conditions emerging from our limited and conditioned personalities we can turn inward for the source of transcendental unconditional love. The one that has been walking the path of self-discovery with humans from the beginning of time without asking anything in return, without expectations or limits.
Paradoxes are all true coming from the perspective of our own divinity and at the same time all false when they looked through the prism of our lower, egoic self.
In order to transmute stagnant energies we need to look at them closely and bridge the gap between our lower and higher nature. 
At the end of the day paradoxes are only a question of perspective and interpretation, the only way to navigate through is by using your own discernment from one moment to another.
How you can know that your discernment is in alignment with your highest good? That question nobody can answer for you. 
Know Thyself and you will know the Truth!