Traveler in Eternity

by Vedran
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  It happens one day and then you wake up,
immediately you realize how precious silence is.
In a deep listening,
everything is talking to you.
Your oldest fears,
your wildest loves,
things of extreme opposition,
walls are crumbling down the veil is lifted.

All of a sudden,
your universe shrinks and all the differences disappear in one point,
so small that it contains all the stories perceivable by the senses
of an ordinary human being.
The breath of the Creator,
the first thought,
the moment of creation,
the birth of a star,
a galaxy,
an entire cosmos.

A stone falls into the water of the well
and the next moment
the surface is calm and flat like a mirror
that reflects an eternity.
Somewhere behind this calm
the vibration continues to transmit the message, without ever ending,
without ever getting tired or losing momentum,
with the intention of nourishing and inspiring everything on its path.
The power to transform,
the strength to manifest.

Innocent as a little child,
beautiful and wise,
ancient like the night of time.
With one leg in the past,
one in the future,
balanced and centered in the present,
with an open heart and filled with unconditional love,
more than a presence of the mind.

A station, an oasis,
where everything seems to be on pause,
love is growing in the wind that plays in the hair of the time traveler.
Arrived at his destination before even taking the road.
Seeker who disappears,

I am…