Life Force Energy

Life Force is the governing principle that permeates all existence and sustains life. What we call Life Force in the West is called Prana, Chi (Qi) or Mana in the East. In ancient Egypt we called it Aka.

Every tradition has a specific name for this invisible and mysterious energy.

Throughout our Soul journey, as a result of different experiences, we accumulate distortions in our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. The flow of Life Force can become unbalanced, stagnant or blocked. In time it can result in a life crisis or various dis-eases (absence of ease, peace).

Clearing the blockages in our energy centers leads to an increased unbounded flow of life force.That process can help us overcome current challenges, heal us and initiate us into higher levels of consciousness.

To heal, means to bring back to light, the parts of ourselves that forgot their original perfection.

Healing can happen on many levels. Sometimes they have found a healthy life force, they have worked towards releasing the stagnant energies from their fields.

There are many techniques and tools on the path of healing. You are unique and authentic, always keep your mind open and use your own discernment while walking the path of awakening, healing and self-realization. ?