Energy Healing

Energy healing refers to bringing to the light parts of ourselves that forgot their own true nature. Therefore, struggling to remember and understand its meaning and purpose, they create chaos and destruction inside our own being.

In our life, at some point, we realize that everything is energy. There we find parts of our personal selves that have forgotten their original perfection and wholeness. They become distorted through conditioning, limiting beliefs and past trauma. It all can come from personal experience or collective consciousness.

Focused intention of the healer, able to hold the template of our perfection, can help us restore original balance and health. By activating subtle energies and breaking through energetic blocks, we stimulate divine intelligence and the capacity of our body to heal itself.

Living in this world of duality we perceive everything either in the Light or in the Darkness. The purpose of energy healing is to shine the light into the darkness in order to restore harmony, perfection and oneness.

The energy healer is the one who is able to consciously attract, conduct and aim healing energies into another human being.

Chakra Healing

Chakras are subtle wheels of energy and they are numerous in our energetic system. Life Force Energy is spinning and moving through those centres. The specific vibrations of the chakras diffuse throughout our mind, body and spirit. If there is a block in the functioning of the chakra it can ultimately show in the form of physical, emotional, mental or spiritual disease.

Each one of 7 primary chakras is responsible for different organs and parts of our body. They are influenced by our emotions and beliefs. Coming in contact with distorted areas of our energetic system helps us work on it consciously and restore balance in order to function in our highest human potential.
There are many energy healing methods to restore your balance. If you feel the need to find out more, please send us a message or book an energy healing session 


Personal Development

Personal Development consists of conscious actions that one undertakes in order to become the best version of one's own self.

It is focused work on awareness and identity, improvement of social skills and relationships.
The person takes conscious responsibility to evolve all aspects of his being, meaning physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Physical Development

Personal development through physical exercise arrives from the strong intention formed in a person’s mind to train the body in order to raise Life Force and vibration.

Physical practice brings the mind into a place of stillness and helps the body raise chemicals and fluids. This process helps alleviate anxiety, lower stress levels and lifts depression.

Emotional Development

Emotions can be regarded as energy in motion and they are at the source of our actions. Gaining conscious understanding of the full spectrum of emotions helps us maintain a vibrant energy and become an open channel for everything that we experience in life. Therefore we become able to maintain the perspective of observer and accept every emotion as it is.
Every emotion has a root in either the feeling of love or of fear (which is basically the absence of love).

Mental Development

In order to achieve mental growth one needs to strengthen the mind. It can be done by using mental energy to replace our negative thoughts with productive ones. We can expand our mental energy and direct it to gain focus and heal ourselves.
Train your mind so you can see the good in every situation.

Spiritual Development

From a spiritual perspective, personal development becomes an important part of raising our awareness about the divine potential of our own being. One becomes absorbed by the inner desire to grow. We advance on the scale of personal needs all the way up to self-actualisation. It is all about developing a better mindset, bringing more awareness, and achieving higher levels of consciousness.

Developing spiritually means also opening our mind and heart in order to receive guidance and insights from the subtle realms of existence.

Personal Development through Self-Awareness

Self-awareness is the awareness of being aware. It is the ability to recognize our own self as an individual. Furthermore to distinguish your individuality from other individuals and from your environment.
By being aware of our physical sensations, of our emotions, thoughts and finally of our transcendental spiritual nature helps us stay present and functional in the here and now.

Using personal development through self-awareness to reach one's highest potential and to express authentically in the modern world becomes a primordial need for many people on every level of today’s society.
Make time every day to examine yourself and all aspects of your personality. Practice personal development through Self-awareness and stay connected!
If you are interested to learn more, please visit Six Stages of Human Growth and Development.


Art Of Meditation

Coming from the latin verb Meditari meaning to reflect, ponder, contemplate, meditation is the conscious practice of turning our focused intention inwards in order to gain self-awareness. With raising of self-awareness we can achieve peace and freedom.

In today's busy modern world we seek liberation from all conditioning, expectations and projections and freedom from our uninterrupted stream of thoughts and desires. That can be done by training our mind to observe the stream of thoughts and emotions without being triggered or involved.

Meditation meets us right in the imperfection of our humanity and helps us raise our consciousness to a higher level. In that process we stop looking outside ourselves for fulfillment of our personal desires and we turn inside seeking for inner awakening.

Balancing our personal energies through meditation we learn to live our humanity in the heart, having awareness of our animal nature on the one side and our divine nature on the other.

Meditation is a state of conscious awareness. It is not an act of doing, it is a state of pure presence. Meditation enables us to focus on the present moment rather than dwell on an unchangeable past or unknown future.

On the physical level meditation helps us boost and balance our body chemicals and bridge the left and right brain hemispheres.

Today, there are many different methods of meditative practice, from walking or eating meditation to conscious breathing or mantra based meditation.

The important thing to remember is that one style isn’t better than another; they are all different and offer their own unique benefits.

The place for meditation can be everywhere, from your bedroom to your car, in the train or on the bench in the park. You can adopt any posture in which you feel comfortable as long as you keep your spine straight.

A meditative state is best achieved in silence without any outside stimulation.


Learn to Meditate


The best way to learn to meditate is to meditate and learn from an experienced teacher. My mentor and teacher Deborah King is the master in this field. Learn to meditate with Deborah or connect with Vedran for direct experience of meditation.


Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual awakening is the moment in time where a human being realises the transcendental, divine nature of his essence. To be awake means to consciously engage in the raising of self-awareness and to wake up from the dream of disconnection from All That Is.

It is a process of deconstruction, removing everything that is illusion or lie in order to reach the truth.

During the moments of intense spiritual awakening, that can last from a few seconds to a few months or years, the veil of ignorance is lifted from the ordinary human and he realises the almighty God-consciousness, also called the I Am Presence.

The spiritual world beyond ego-consciousness opens the door for the initiate, shifting fundamentally his perception of reality. The sense of separation fades, leaving the space for conscious work toward integration of all aspects of being.

The silent witness takes over the fearful and always doubting ego, bringing an experience of peace and unconditional love. Ego construction loses its importance giving birth to the universal Self established in Unity consciousness.

The experience of awakening can be subtle, or a very strong physical or ecstatic experience.

10 Signs of spiritual awakening 

There are many signs that one is going through the process of spiritual awakening, let's look at few:

- sudden experience of bliss, joy and peace
- synchronicities that can't be intellectually explained (circumstances defying all odds)
- strong and fast changes in emotional states
- deep desire to connect with nature and animals
- increased need for spirituality and less attachment to material things
- sudden lifestyle or diet changes
- expanded sense of awareness (altered states of consciousness)
- vivid - lucid dreams, with strong premonitions
- out of body experiences
- shift of perspective from outside manifestations to the inner world

In many different traditions this moment in human evolution is called by different names and is often in the center of all religious and mystical studies.

In yogic tradition we speak about Kundalini awakening, in esoteric mysticism awakening is associated with spiritual initiation. For many Christians it is the moment of descent of the Holy Spirit.

However we call it, spiritual awakening is all about the expansion of consciousness, where the pieces of your Higher Self comes into manifestation through your energy field.
Subsequently, you become more You than you ever have been before, an enlightened being on the path of Self-Realization.  



Finding balance amidst chaos

As humanity shifts from an outdated patriarchal system and is bringing back into balance the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine, we are experiencing an incredible amount of turmoil.