Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual awakening is the moment in time where a human being realises the transcendental, divine nature of his essence. To be awake means to consciously engage in the raising of self-awareness and to wake up from the dream of disconnection from All that is. 
It is a process of deconstruction, removing everything that is illusion or lie in order to reach the truth. 
During these moments, that can last from a few seconds to a few months or years, the veil of ignorance is lifted from the ordinary human and he realises the almighty God-consciousness, also called the I Am presence. The spiritual world beyond ego-consciousness opens the door for the initiate, shifting fundamentally his perception of reality. The sense of separation fades, leaving the space for conscious work toward integration of all aspects of being.  
The silent witness takes over the fearful and always doubting ego, bringing an experience of peace and unconditional love. Ego construction loses its importance giving birth to the universal Self. 
The experience of awakening can be subtle, or a very strong physical or ecstatic experience. 

Signs of awakening

There are many signs that one is going through the process of spiritual awakening, let's look at few: 

- sudden experience of bliss, joy and peace
- synchronicities that can't be intellectually explained (circumstances defying all odds) 
- strong and fast changes in emotional states
- deep desire to connect with nature and animals
- increased need for spirituality and less attachment to material things
- sudden lifestyle or diet changes
- expanded sense of awareness (altered states of consciousness)
- vivid - lucid dreams, with strong premonition sometimes
- out of body experience
- shift of perspective from outside manifestations to inner world

In many different traditions this moment in human evolution is called by different names and is often in the center of all religious and mystical studies. 
In yogic tradition we speak about Kundalini awakening, in esoteric mysticism awakening is associated to spiritual initiation. For many Christians it is the moment of descent of the Holy Spirit. 

However we call it, it is all about the expansion of consciousness, where the piece of your Higher Self comes into the manifestation through your energy field. Subsequently, you become more You that what you ever have been before.