Energy Healing

Energy healing refers to bringing to the light parts of ourselves that forgot their own true nature. Therefore, struggling to remember and understand its meaning and purpose, they create chaos and destruction inside our own being.

In our life, at some point, we realize that everything is energy. There we find parts of our personal selves that have forgotten their original perfection and wholeness. They become distorted through conditioning, limiting beliefs and past trauma. It all can come from personal experience or collective consciousness.

Focused intention of the healer, able to hold the template of our perfection, can help us restore original balance and health. By activating subtle energies and breaking through energetic blocks, we stimulate divine intelligence and the capacity of our body to heal itself.

Living in this world of duality we perceive everything either in the Light or in the Darkness. The purpose of energy healing is to shine the light into the darkness in order to restore harmony, perfection and oneness.

The energy healer is the one who is able to consciously attract, conduct and aim healing energies into another human being.

Chakra Healing

Chakras are subtle wheels of energy and they are numerous in our energetic system. Life Force Energy is spinning and moving through those centres. The specific vibrations of the chakras diffuse throughout our mind, body and spirit. If there is a block in the functioning of the chakra it can ultimately show in the form of physical, emotional, mental or spiritual disease.

Each one of 7 primary chakras is responsible for different organs and parts of our body. They are influenced by our emotions and beliefs. Coming in contact with distorted areas of our energetic system helps us work on it consciously and restore balance in order to function in our highest human potential.
There are many energy healing methods to restore your balance. If you feel the need to find out more, please send us a message or book an energy healing session