Lucid Dreaming

Dreams are one of the few main states of human consciousness, and a powerful tool for healing and awakening. They are used in many ancient traditions as a direct link to inner guidance and divinity.

In the state of rest and reduced mental activity, the gate of the unconscious opens and we access the place beyond past or future, time or space; a place of extraordinary knowledge, wisdom and mystery.

Dreams are our teachers, messengers, guides and healers.

Forming the strong intention to access the dream world, we move from the place of the passive dreamer - the one that just happens to have a dream - to the one that actively navigates and experiences dreams with lucidity and awareness.  That is the one we call the active or lucid dreamer.

To become a lucid dreamer the key is to cultivate awareness that one is dreaming while fully participating in the dreaming activity.

From that point, engaging consciously with our dream world, we master the ability to bring the energy of the places and events experienced in our dreams to our waking, everyday consciousness.

Simultaneously, the more we become a lucid dreamer and at the same time aware of our everyday life experiences, the more we are able to discern the dream state of consciousness from the one in the waking reality. Paying attention to the details in our waking life prepares us to recognize distortions in our dream surroundings and helps us to induce and realize the lucid dream state.

In those dreams we can confront our biggest fears, heal our past wounds, or have glimpses of the future and the events to come. We can travel to places unknown to our waking reality, meet our spiritual guides or ancestors. We can even access the fragments of our own Soul that got lost through the timeless challenges of existence.

Dreams rarely address us literally, they speak through symbols and synchronicities.

Some of the most prominent personalities in recent human history, like Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein, CG Jung, Leonardo da Vinci and many others, claimed to used their dreams to manifest great inventions or to receive the inspiration for their extraordinary waking life creativity.

For the one that become a lucid dreamer there are no limitations, nothing is impossible, everything becomes accessible and finally all become One.