Personal Development consists of conscious actions that one undertakes in order to become the best version of one's own self. 
It is focused work on awareness and identity, improvement of social skills and relationships. 
The person takes conscious responsibility to evolve all aspects of his being meaning physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Physical development

Personal development through physical exercise arrive from the strong intention formed in persons mind to train body in order to raise life force and vibration. 
Physical practice brings mind into the place of stillness and helps body raise chemicals and fluids. This process helps alleviate anxiety, lower stress level and lift depression. 

Emotional development

Emotions can be regarded as energy in motion and they are at the source of our actions. Gaining conscious understanding of the full spectre of emotions helps us maintain a vibrant energy and become an open channel for everything that we experience in life. Therefore we become able to maintain the perspective of observer and accept every emotion as it is. 
Every emotion has a root in either the feeling of love or of fear (which is basically absence of love). 

Mental development 

In order to achieve mental growth one needs to strengthen the mind. It can be done by using mental energy to replace our negative thoughts with productive ones. We can expand our mental energy and direct it to gain focus and heal ourselves. Train your mind so you can see the good in every situation.

Spiritual development 

From a spiritual perspective, personal development becomea an important part of raising our awareness about the divine potential of our own being. One becomes absorbed by the inner desire to grow. WE advance on the scale of personal needs all the way up to self-actualisation. It is all about developing a better mindset, bringing more awareness, and achieving higher levels of consciousness. 
Developing spiritually means also opening our mind and heart in order to receive guidance and insights from the subtle realms of existence.